Thursday, April 10, 2008

Art for Sale

After years of indecision, my original comics artwork is now for sale through Mark Hay at SPLASH PAGE ART.



Memory said...

Ah, so this is off-topic to your art-for-sale post ... but, Nick, I'm using this commentbox to express my admiration of your illo for Brenner's Nebula Awards article in the latest Austin Chronicle. Gorgeous work (well, that's typical for you), but especially the inclusion of the Arrakeen sandworm from the article's fleeting Dune reference ...

Oh, how you rock!


Humberto said...

Wow! Great artwork! I found your website via Flick. You are an amazing artist, congratulations! My favorite are the "Stranger" series.
I'm from Argentina, home of very gifted artists, too.

LakShMi said...

Awesome artwork :)